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Simulations for Team Building and Crisis Management


The ideal business simulation should involve each member of the team, help them to explore effective ways of working together and in the process, build or reinforce a great team spirit. Using business simulations will not only help the participants understand why team work is important within an organisation, but it also helps them see how it also drives real business results when it's working well.


Crisis Simulation Exercises

Anyone who has experienced a crisis knows that it exerts incredible pressure and demands an approach and skills not required in day-to-day business. Anyone who hasn't experienced a crisis can only imagine how it feels. Unless they participate in a crisis simulation.


Typically taking place over a half or full day, the crisis simulation immerses the crisis management team in a realistic crisis scenario. They can expect to field calls from media, handle online chatter, create crisis communication materials, deal with concerned stakeholders and undertake crisis media interviews. Insignia do everything they can to replicate the urgency and uncertainty of a real life crisis.


How do they make it feel real? Thorough preparation is crucial and thanks to hundreds of crisis simulation exercises delivered to businesses across the world we know how to get the blood pumping and deliver valuable crisis management training. Insignia work with journalists who have reported on crises, they spend time getting to know your business and the issues it might face and they ensure that, as with a real crisis, they planned for the unexpected so that every twist and turn of the unfolding scenario feels genuine.


Their experienced crisis management consultants facilitate the session providing advice and insight on how the crisis management team is handling the emerging crisis and providing pointers on crisis communication best practice. They also follow up with an in-depth report assessing your crisis management capabilities and proposing any improvements.


An Insignia crisis simulation gives any organisation:

 - The ability to test and enhance an established crisis management plan in a safe environment

 - The opportunity to develop the essential skills of leadership, teamwork and decision-making required by an effective crisis management team

 - The confidence that the business has a crisis management plan and a crisis management team ready to successfully handle a crisis.


For more information on Insignia, please visit the Insignia partner page.






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