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Leaders of successful, dynamic organisations who recognise the importance of protecting their reputation, turn to Insignia for crisis management planning, training and consultancy. They give them the confidence and skills to successfully manage organisation-threatening situations under intense pressure.


Insignia offer a range of high quality crisis management services and products around the world, whether delivered personally by their team of insightful consultants who are experts in their field, through technology or via one of their team of specialist partners. Insignia crisis management planning, training and exercising services include:


 - Crisis management audits - Assessing how effectively your current procedures protect your reputation

 - Reputational risk assessments - Identifying and managing the risks which pose most harm to your organisation

 - Scenario planning - Analysing the key threats to your reputation to consider and enhance your crisis response capability

 - Crisis management plan development - Developing the plans and processes which help you make the right decisions under pressure

 - Crisis management workshops - A crisis management masterclass outlining best practice and latest insights for reputation protection

 - Crisis management team building and training - Tailored training sessions to give your crisis management team the leadership, communication, teamwork and decision-making skills they need in a crisis

 - Frontline crisis management briefing and training - Giving receptionists, switchboard operators and security guards the skills to deal with the media and protect your reputation when crisis strikes

 - Desktop exercises - Facilitated walk-throughs of your crisis management plan to ensure the crisis team understands and is able to apply it

 - Crisis simulation exercises - Realistic, interactive crisis exercises to test and train your crisis management team and the crisis communication plan under pressure

 - Social media crisis exercises - Our life-like online crisis management training tool allows you to gain experience of managing a social media crisis in a safe environment


Clients trust Insignia to help them protect their reputations not just because of their deep expertise in crisis management, but equally because of the passion and commitment of their consultants and trainers. They care deeply about their clients and they feel that care and quality in every interaction with them. That's why they have built such strong, trusting and enduring relationships.



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