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HR Consultancy


The People Human Resources Consultancy undertakes HR assignments in both English and Arabic with organisations including government departments, international and local banks and trading organisations.


Organisation Design and Optimisation

An organisation's design is closely linked to its business purpose and helps achieve its strategic goals by clearly defining the roles and accountabilities of its units and people. To ensure maximum effectiveness in achieving corporate goals, the structure of an organisation and its processes require regular, close review.

We can be instrumental in helping companies to reduce costs and boost the efficiency of their business processes whilst paying due regard to corporate governance, compliance and security. Our focus is on understanding not only structure, roles and responsibilities and current business processes, but all operational factors such as managers, stakeholders and their vested interests, technology, the external environment, and corporate performance.

Armed with this knowledge, we then identify the basic elements of the organisational structure and its purpose and make an evaluation in the light of the company's vision for change, strategy, and critical success factors. Recommendations for changes in organisational structure, including simplified and accelerated processes, can then be formulated using existing in-house know-how within departments to find the most efficient overall solutions.






Competency Frameworks

Many Fortune 500 companies have successfully used competency models to drive their human resources practices. Competencies can be described as underlying characteristics of a person which result in effective and/ or superior performance on the job. If competencies leading to outstanding performance in a given job can be identified, it is possible to raise levels of performance in a range of 'people' applications to:


 - Establish a high performance culture through ongoing coaching and feedback to develop role specific competencies;

 - Using competency based interviewing, increase the likelihood of hiring people with the required competencies;

 - Establish a structured and methodical approach to identify training and development needs in alignment with business needs and strategies, thus maximising use of training budgets.


Our consultants have designed and implemented technical, behavioural and leadership competency frameworks with some of the leading organisations in the region and have helped develop implementation plans to link their best practices with their competency frameworks.


Manpower Planning

The need to be globally competitive makes it crucial for organisations to be an appropriate size. We offer solutions to plan and optimise workforces taking account of the various factors that affect manpower planning both within the organisation and externally in the marketplace. Our consultants have worked with diverse organisations in the region to optimise workforces to achieve corporate goals.


HR Audits

The changing nature of HR management demands that HR professionals participate and contribute fully to their companies as true strategic business partners. An HR audit will help a company understand whether its HR practices help, hinder or have little impact on its business goals. In addition an audit quantifies the results of the department's initiatives and provides the basis from which a roadmap can be drawn up to implement changes to achieve closer alignment with corporate strategy.


Audits help to achieve and maintain world class HR practices. To identify all issues within an HR department, our audits encompass the areas of a) infrastructure, b) management, and c) HR development.


HR Systems, Policies and Procedures

One of the main drivers of morale and motivation is to provide assurance to stakeholders that HR strategies have been developed and implemented in a structured manner. A comprehensive HR policies and procedures manual helps to showcase the organisation's transparency in this respect, enhances its credibility and underlines its integrity in its commitment to its employees.

In addition, a well written HR policies and procedures manual outlining terms and conditions of employment, rules and regulations and employee benefits and welfare, coupled with effective communication of its contents, can aid uniform application across the organisation and frequently pre-empt issues. Our experts have excellent knowledge of local statutory laws, as well as the design and organisation of key policies, that can be linked with corresponding procedures for every HR task, to ensure total alignment towards achievement of corporate objectives.


HR Consultancy

Our HR consultancy services support in creating and implementing systems and processes to direct, assess and develop employee performance. Our services are aimed at ensuring that employee performance is managed and monitored in an all-inclusive manner, integrating key performance indicators and competencies identified for each role. In order to deliver the most relevant solutions possible, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of the organisation and provide ongoing support post implementation to ensure long term success.


Succession Planning

Our consultancy offering aims to design and develop succession plans to ensure the organisation has the talent needed in all of its critical organisational roles. Comprehensive assessment will facilitate identification of a variety of strategic initiatives that may be necessary to launch effective and ongoing succession planning. Our team has in-depth experience in succession planning coupled with an understanding of the interrelationship between performance management, career development and succession. They will help to:


- Identify key roles

- Perform a vulnerability analysis to identify critical gaps

- Evaluate bench strength

- Identify and develop potential and performance measures

- Identify and develop employee readiness standards


Total Rewards Frameworks

Total rewards are the monetary and non-monetary return provided to employees in exchange for their time, talents, efforts and results and involves the deliberate integration of four key elements that effectively attract, motivate and retain the talent required to achieve desired business results.

Our expert consultants can provide benchmarking within relevant market sectors and recommendations to ensure that all elements combine to achieve corporate and HR objectives in terms of:


- Compensation packages including fixed and variable pay; incentive schemes; relevant, tailored bonus schemes and profit share as appropriate and in line with current market trends and best practices. Our team, which has undertaken major projects in a variety of business sectors, comprises of experts in the fields of job evaluation, benchmarking and design of grading structures and remuneration packages.

- Benefits to attract and retain key talent, with flexibility and options to fit employees' needs in the areas of Health Care, Life Insurance, Education, Voluntary Contributions and Wellness. Our team contains seasoned practitioners with many years' experience in designing benefits packages relevant to all levels of employees.

- Recognition programmes to embed tactical recognition into a company culture linked to corporate values and objectives, identifying high achievers in the organisation to maintain engagement levels and increase motivation. In addition to designing and helping to implement recognition schemes, our team has also designed and run successful in-house award programmes to large groups and holding companies.

- Career Development to provide visible opportunities to individuals by enabling them to ascertain which roles are 'best fit' for them within the organisation. We adopt a simple and practical approach to career development, focusing on activities that are self-driven whereby individuals use the framework, resources and opportunities provided by the organisation to develop themselves in line with organisational goals and needs.


Investors in People

We have worked with many organisations as consultants, advisors and assessors to help them achieve recognition as an Investor in People and to deliver real performance benefits as a result. This has given us an unparalleled understanding of the best approach to implementation, the drawbacks to avoid and the best systems and practices to adopt. Our endeavour in consulting is to help organisations to achieve improved business performance through the development of people and the creation of an organisational culture which gets the best from its employees.






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