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Employee Performance


Performance Management is about getting the best from people and helping them achieve their potential and capability. The aim is to optimise every employee's output in terms of quality and quantity thereby increasing the organisation's overall performance.


Performance Management is a major aspect of our business and we have recently assisted a large number of clients with competency-based appraisal systems.


The People Human Resources Consultancy helps organisations with Performance Management policies, systems and processes that:

 - Establish a performance and learning culture

 - Ensure that all employees know what is expected of them

 - Encourage interaction on performance between the jobholders and their managers

 - Identify, manage and promote jobholders' development needs

 - Evaluate performance fairly and objectively

 - Recognise and reward categories of performance that are fully effective

 - Manage categories of performance that are not fully effective

The following is the learning outcome of a two-day performance management training workshop aimed at all those who are responsible for appraising their staff, whether supervisors or senior managers. The programme is also aimed at those in Human Resources who have responsibility for administering and overseeing their organisation's PMS and potentially supporting the appraisees and appraisers.


With that audience in mind, we propose to deliver the following so that by the end of the two-day training workshop the participants should be able to:

 - Understand the value of Performance Management to their organisations and staff and be fully conversant with appraisal processes

 - Conduct effective appraisal meetings by inspiring, engaging and developing their staff to deliver higher levels of performance

 - Set and write SMART objectives for themselves and their direct reports

 - Identify suitable KPIs for their staff and manage these KPIs

 - Understand and use Behavioural Competencies to evaluate the relevant behaviours for their employees

 - Objectively measure performance using established rating systems

 - Set Individual Development Plans






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