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Corporate Performance


Strategy Formulation

We find that the most successful businesses have well-defined strategies and execution plans clearly aligned to their market positioning and internal capabilities.

We have worked with numerous clients in a variety of industries and faciliated design and execution of their corporate strategies starting from strategic review following the annual budgeting process. Using internationally recognised standards and through our proprietary strategy development framework approach, we help our clients make suitable choices for their businesses to produce robust, resilient, and flexible strategies that build on what their business does best in the markets in which they operate.


Balanced Scorecard

We begin by assessing organisational readiness to implement a corporate performance management system, drawing up corrective action plans based on our findings. Using inputs from any existing documents and from meetings with senior management, we facilitate the process of drawing up a Corporate Destination Statement, Business Themes, and Strategy Linkage Maps ultimately resulting in a Corporate Scorecard.


Department Scorecards

With a view to aligning all departmental objectives within one performance reporting framework, the Corporate Scorecard is cascaded down to Units and Departments. These departmental scorecards comprise objectives, measures and targets drawn up to achieve overall goals. The main objective is to facilitate change from subjective, unaligned and unmeasured functional targets towards a performance culture which is totally aligned at all levels with corporate strategy.


Individual Performance Contracts

To ensure that all Department Heads and people within their departments are aligned with the corporate goals and objectives, Individual Performance Contracts (IPCs) are drafted to measure KPIs and Measures at an individual level. IPCs developed are then integrated into the performance management system.


Change Management and Communication

In today's competitive environment, organisations have to re-invent and adapt their business models to suit continuously changing market needs. Whilst going through this process, organisations may need a variety of managment, leadership, culture and development tools. Above all, the change process has to be implemented by developing in-house capabilities to manage and communicate change effectively, monitor progress and measure the achievement of results against planned outcomes. In this respect, our consultancy services are:


Change Management

Our change management skills and experience adopt a structured approach towards change by assisting in the formulation of meaningful change management plans in alignment with corporate objectives, and then helping leaders create change teams who are coached and trained to drive the change managment plan.


Organisation-wide Communication

Many change initiatives do not succeed due to lack of ownership by various stakeholders in the change plan. We aim to develop at an early stage a structured, relevant change management and communication strategy based on awareness of the details of the change and the stakeholders impacted by it. This approach facilitates buy-in by the concerned parties and also identifies resistance and performance gaps to be addressed to bring about a consolidated and successful transition.






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