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Our Approach:

 - We like to adopt a warm and friendly but professional approach to clients, employing a wide variety of styles to suit the needs of individuals or groups. We feel that it is very important to provide clients with space for personal reflection and to create an atmosphere of trust, conducive to self-exploration. We describe our coaching style as person-centred, problem solving and cognitive behavioural in its orientation. However we are comfortable using most coaching styles and constantly update our repertoire through our own development, supervision and co-coaching.

 - Rapport is important and we want the managers to feel that these are their sessions and that they are conducted with total confidentiality.

 - We encourage managers to develop their own plans with specific deliverables

 - We focus on strengths as well as areas for improvement

 - We establish points of change and where possible we measure progress

 - Success in achieving small change is more important than trying to make big changes

 - One to one coaching is particularly effective in the continued development of cross-cultural teams.

Coaching Tools

An element of our coaching service is an opportunity for Confidential Psychometric Testing. Psychometric tests can be used to make objective assessments on personality and behavioural traits of people within your workforce or on candidates that you are considering for employment. They can be used in a number of ways but rarely in isolation. The benefits include:


 - Your employees gaining a better understanding of each other's personalities and motivations; leading to improved communication that assists in the development of positive working relationships

 - Help with choosing the correct path of career development, by allowing employees to understand their personal motivational drivers and blockers

 - A useful addition to a structured interview process as it brings an objective focus in recruitment and development situations

 - Use as a screening tool at the beginning of any recruitment drive, saving time, money and frustration

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